Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rev. Seicho Taniguchi Makes His Transition to the Spiritual World

The President of Seicho-No-Ie, Rev. Seicho Taniguchi, passed away quietly at his Presidential Residence in Tokyo, Japan on October 28th at 10:21 p.m. (JST). He was 89 years old. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to him for all the love and kindness he gave through the teachings and his life, and I sincerely hope that he will continue to guide the Seicho-No-Ie Humanity Enlightenment Movement-International Peace by Faith Movement from the Spiritual World. Rev. Seicho, thank you very much for leading us so long.

   Rev. Seicho collapsed suddenly during the February 20, 2005 Group Spiritual Training Seminar held at the Seicho-No-Ie Main Temple in Nagasaki, Japan. He was taken to the Japanese Red Cross Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hospital, and, after a period of hospitalization, was taken back to his home in Tokyo to convalesce. Throughout his convalescence, Rev. Seicho continued to write articles for the Seicho-No-Ie magazines. The last article he was to write was entitled, “About True Love” which was published in April of this year in the three magazines for propagation. The date, January 10, 2008, is indicated at the end of the article.

Rev. Seicho Taniguchi assumed the responsibilities of the second President of Seicho-No-Ie in 1985, following the death of the Seicho-No-Ie Founder, Masaharu Taniguchi, and for the next 23 years—globally, from the end of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, and in Japan, during the turbulent years from the Showa Era into the Heisei Era—he continued as the center of the Seicho-No-Ie movement worldwide to teach and communicate the eternal and indestructible teachings of the Truth. Especially during the 46 years between September 1948 and March 1994 during which time the Seicho-No-Ie Public Lecture Meetings were conducted by him, Rev. Seicho traveled throughout Japan to all of the Missionary Areas, disseminating the Truth and realizing a countless number of healings and saving many. He also traveled abroad visiting Hawaii, the North and South American continents in 1956, Brazil in 1970 and North and South America in 1977, and along with spreading and sharing the teaching of the oneness of all religions all over the world, he brought salvation and gave encouragement to many members living overseas.   

In reforming the organizational movement within Japan, he created a system whereby the women’s organization, the White Dove Association, was able to show tremendous growth. He made reforms in the Brotherhood Reader’s Association, a bottom-level organizational unit, which was managed and operated in such a way that men were using women, making it difficult to bring about a Movement that brought out the unique characteristics of women. This reform made it possible for female members to become independent and engage in a Movement with their own unique characteristics and the Movement expanded greatly. Additionally, through his having positioned the Regional Lecturer’s Society as the “blood of the organization,” he clearly defined the relationship between the three-party system of the Brotherhood Association, White Dove Association and Youth and Young Adults Association” and “the teachings.” Moreover, Rev. Seicho sensed the harm and danger of involving the Movement deeply in the politics of the 1970’s, and in 1983, by deciding to bring the activities of the political organization, the Seicho-No-Ie Political Alliance, to a halt, he established the foundation of the Seicho-No-Ie “faith Movement” of today.

In addition to his writings, lectures and organizational management, Rev. Seicho Taniguchi contributed greatly to the growth and development of the Seicho-No-Ie Movement. That is through the lyrics and music he wrote and composed. Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi wrote the lyrics to many wonderful Seicho-No-Ie hymns; however he did not compose music. Rev. Seicho played the violin, piano, and organ, and also composed music. About a third of the Seicho-No-Ie hymns today are Rev. Seicho’s compositions. More specifically, of the 68 hymns that are included in the “New Edition, Seicho-No-Ie Hymn Lyrics” published in 2003, 20 are pieces with lyrics by Rev. Seicho, and of those 20, 15 were hymns that he also composed. Rev. Seicho’s compositions were not caught up in form, but were filled with religious originality that deeply moved those who sang them. I feel this can be said not only about his lyrics but also about the musical composition themselves.   

In addition to music, Rev. Seicho was also interested in photography and Japanese calligraphy. Particularly when it comes to photographs, there are many he took during his travels to different areas in Japan he went to in order to speak at the Public Lecture meetings. He used them on the covers of the books he authored, and are also left to us enjoy in collection of photographs, “Seicho Taniguchi Collection of Photographs: Taken for Some Reason or Another” (Published 1991 by Sekai Seiten Fukyuu Kyoukai). He also was responsible for the cover photograph of the “Words of Light” daily calendar that is published each year. The cover of the “2009 Issue” is the last of his published photographs. This photograph was taken last Fall when he went outside of his library in his wheelchair and focused his lens in the direction of the bamboo thicket and took one shot of the foliage in the autumn colors.

Masanobu Taniguchi


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a didn't have de opportunity to know in person this master Dr.Taniguchi Seicho. I would like to leave here my feelings for his transition to the spiritual world.
He was a exemple of dedication and love for the humanity. Now Dr. Taniguchi Massararu is receiving his fisrt studend and i am sure at this moment the spiritual world is celebreting this moment receiving back this Child of God. Wee will never forget his exemple of dedication for the world. Thanck you very much Dr. Taniguchi Seicho... Marcelo DoCouto ( Brazilian Seicho-No-Ie Lecture )

Alex Dal Piva said...

Rev. Masanobu!
His father, Rev. Seicho, was an example for all n? S, with simple words but emphatic, presided over SEICHO-No-Ie how much love and affection. It was a pride for Japan? Thereof, for Brazil and for the world.
Where he is, send vibrates? Is of love, wisdom for the whole movement of F? In SEICHO-No-Ie.
Thank you very much
Alex Dal Piva

Anonymous said...

I met once your grandfather in 1970 when he came to Brazil and twice your father, once in Brazil and once in Sendai. I´m not the Seicho no Ie member, but I have a tremendous reverence for the both. I have a questions for you. Why don´t you say my father and my grandfather?

Yoshiko Teshigawara said...

Dear Rev. Masanobu,
I would like to extend my sincere sympathy to you on the passing of the President of Seicho-No-Ie, Rev. Seicho Taniguchi. My condolences go to Rev. Emiko Taniguchi, you and all the members of the Taniguchi family.
Thank you very much for sharing some of Rev. Seicho’s achievements during his lifetime as well as how he spent his time during his convalescence and the photograph taken recently. I was overcome with emotion when I looked at his photograph taken with the President of the White Dove Association and his gentle smile. I was reminded of the many kindnesses and love I received from him throughout the years. I have notified the Ordained Ministers about your consideration and thoughtfulness in having shared this all with us. Thank you very much.
The news regarding Rev. Seicho’s death has spread within Seicho-No-Ie in the Untied States. U.S. Missionary Headquarters has received a number of phone calls from people saying, “He was such a loving teacher”, “He was a great teacher. It is so sad to have to say good-bye.”
Missionary Areas and Regional Districts, under the guidance of the Missionary Area Chiefs and Ordained Ministers have been reading the Holy Sutra, Nectarean Shower of Holy Doctrines in gratitude for Rev. Seicho’s guidance and hopes and prayers for his guidance from the Spiritual World. Some Missionary Areas will be holding Services in his memory this Sunday, and we have provided the photograph from International Headquarters.
I would like to ask for your continued guidance as I proceed, along with the leaders and members in the United States, transcending our sadness, to promote the Humanity Enlightenment Movement-International Peace by Faith Movement.
Thank you very much.
Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara, Bishop
Seicho-No-Ie U.S. Missionary Headquarters

Anonymous said...

Dear Masanobu Taniguchi

I would like to express my deepest condolencesto you on the passing of the President of Seicho-No-Ie, Rev. Seicho Taniguchi. My condolences go too to Rev. Emiko Taniguchi, you and all the members of the Taniguchi family.


Ivaldo Ogata

Tetsuya said...

On behalf of Seicho-No-Ie Hawaii Missionary Area, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to you, your family, and relatives on the passing away of Rev. Seicho Taniguchi. One of an unforgettable guidance received from Rev. Seicho is that everyone can be engaged in propagation activities. In other words, I was very impressed with his guidance that before you are enlightened, you can propagate because propagation should be a manifestation of our joy. By sharing a joy of propagation with as many people as possible, I would like to make further efforts to move forward this movement under the guidance from you.

Tetsuya Abe
Acting Chief, SNI Hawaii Missionary Area

Romero said...


Dear Rev. Taniguchi,

I ve' been a member of SEICHO-no-Ie for 31 years. Today, I have 49 years old.
On 29th October, i felt an anguish and realized that i would know of any news. When, through the Internet my son Romero, 25, became aware of the return to the spiritual world of Dr. Seicho.
I remembered a lot of 1982, the "Great Seminary" in Brazil; also 1999, at Budokan, in the international convention, when i boldly took a souvenir from Brazil to the Rev. Emiko Taniguchi. Doctor Seicho got up, slim, elegant, always smiling and saying to Rev. Emiko to get this. It was very emotional for me.
He is always in my mind, a person smart, good-humored, objective. I am sure that he will guide the SEICHO-no-Ie of the spiritual world, and this will cause movement and the organization grow more correctly.
Me and my son Romero are members of the "Coral da SEICHO-no-Ie do Brasil" (Seicho-no-Ie of Brazil Chorus). Whenever we sing a hymn written by Dr. Seicho, we feel his presence. He was an example for this century. I hope that the entire organization follow his examples, to direct as many people as possible
to Health and Prosperity.
I extend our reverences for Rev. Emiko, her children and grandchildren.
May Sumiyoshi God bless your trajectory as successor, along with your honored wife, Rev. Junko, and especially to the Master Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi. My family and I will be always grateful.
Rosangela Lourenço Correia de Assunção
São Paulo - Brasil

Vítor said...

I can't express all of my feeling of gratitude to Mr. Seicho Taniguchi. Just say the ideals and theories of Seicho-no-Ie have saved my life and still support my thoughts and beliefs. Thanks, Mr. Seicho Taniguchi, thanks, Prof. Masaharu Taniguchi. I'm certain that Mr. Masanobu Taniguchi will lead Seicho-no-Ie into a brilliant 21st century.