Friday, September 15, 2006

Road from a Shrine

I took this photo immediately after having paid homage at a shrine. Feeling at peacel after praying, the same path I climbed toward the deity a few minutes before looked different. I felt relieved and relaxed and found the scene very congenial to my state of mind. The symmetry of the scene perhaps held the scret of this state of mind.

- MT

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Road to a Shrine

The path leading to a shrine or temple is often made to imply a "difficult path." There may be a long flight of steps or a series of gates to pass, or both. Pilgrims are willing to surmount these obstacles in order to get a sense of being spiritually uplifted. This is sometimes similar to endurance sports such as mountain climbing and long-distance running. It may be that the ultimate objective of the sports and that of the pilgrimage are the same.

- MT

Friday, September 01, 2006

Tree-Lined Road

We love to plant trees along the roads. This is not done necessarily to suggest a destination for pedestrians nor to provide an opportunity for unexpected encounters. I look at it as a way to enjoy distractions. Life can be described in terms of destinations or a series of choices, but it also has plenty of distractions. The gingko leaves are beginning to turn the vibrant yellow of the fall. By this time, the female trees are full of fragrant fruit and sprinkle them on the road. Some people hate the smell and avoid going near the fruit, but other don't hesitate to pick them up from off the road to serve for dinner. In this sense, life consists of many distractions, and we love them.

- MT