Friday, October 17, 2008

Gyao's Thoughts to Himself (2)

Let me tell you a little about Mikey.

Mikey is our master. A master is greater than those who serve him. A master looks after them. He plays with us, and he controls us, too. By “control” I mean he gives us life. He makes us move and talk and helps us to think we’re really “alive”. What I’m trying to say is that Mikey is like God. Our master is God and we’re his servants.

That’s why both Big Pants and I are happy to do what Mikey tells us to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing a Good Guy or a Bad Guy. But usually it turns out that Big Pants is the Good Guy and I’m the Bad Guy. In other words, Big Pants is weak and I’m strong. Then the Loan Ranger appears to punish me and teach me a lesson. But, you know, this guy is really the problem.

Mikey can control us as if he were God, but he can’t enter the stuffed animal world as he is. That’s because he’s bigger than us. He’s much, much, bigger than any stuffed animal in the whole world. That’s why the only way he can come into our world is by manipulating the stuffed animals. So, when he’s controlling the Loan Ranger, the Lone Ranger is Mikey. The Loan Ranger is really a snob, but since Mikey is inside controlling him, there’s nothing we can do. I pretend like the Loan Ranger beat me. But he’s really not the one who beats me; I’m letting Mikey who’s inside of him beat me. If I think of things in that way, I can take it, and I’m happy to take it, too.

The thing that does matter, though, is whether or not Mikey, when he’s the Loan Ranger, understands how we feel. Like when I’m the Bad Guy and go after Big Pants. That’s when the Loan Ranger comes in….

Loan Ranger: “Hey, Gyao, you mean and violent guy. Leave Big Pants alone!”

Gyao: “Mind your own business, you obnoxious guy, you! Big Pants is my servant, so I can be mean and violent with him if I want.”

Loan Ranger: “Stuffed animals are all equal. Big Pants has the right to live a free life.”

Gyao: “What do you mean by ‘right’? If there IS such a thing, show it to me.”

Loan Ranger: “You can’t see ‘rights’ but they exist and everyone has them.”

Gyao: “I don’t believe in things I can’t see. And I don’t care about things I don’t believe in.”

Loan Ranger: “Well, then, do you believe in money?”

Gyao: “I can see money and use it, too, so, sure, I believe in it.”

Loan Ranger: “Then here’s 10,000 yen. I’ll give it to you, so let Big Pants go.”

Gyao: “What? 10,000 yen? What can you buy with that?”

Loan Ranger: “You can buy about 100 mermaid-shaped sweet breads!”

Gyao: “That’s great. And where can I buy those mermaid-shaped sweet breads?”
Loan Ranger: “At a bakery in Shibuya called “Little Mermaid.”

Gyao: “Ok, then go and get them right now. I’ll let Big Pants go when you come back with them.”

Loan Ranger: I’m the Loan Ranger, so I only give the money out. Go buy them yourself!”

Gyao: “It’s too much trouble to go all the way to Shibuya!”

Loan Ranger: “Well, then, I’ll give you the cab fare, too.”

Gyao: “It’s too much trouble to try and find a cab!”

Loan Ranger: “What’s up with you, you, you MONSTER!”

I’m a dinosaur stuffed animal, not a monster. What I hate most is being called a monster. So, I get mad and go after the Loan Ranger.


This is how, for example, the Loan Ranger and I start fighting. At first, I win, and then the guy goes running off to the bank. He gets powered up there and comes back and tries all these tricks and stunts on me. And I end up losing. Then, like he always does, the Loan Ranger shouts like this—

“My money has the most power in the whole market!”

But, you know, to be honest, I don’t like playing this part. Big Pants is my friend, so I don’t like picking on him and giving him a hard time. But Mikey tells me to “pick on him” so I do it, but my heart’s not really in it. Bad Guys do bad things for the people they love, but they’re actually crying on the inside. So, when this play is over, I wish Mikey would say, even if it’s in a whisper…

“I’m sorry, Gyao. I know you’re really a good little guy…”

- MT


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed second part of Gyao´s Thoughts.

I could imagine how many Gyao´s, Loan Rangers and Big Pants we have in the world.

Sometimes we also play different roles in our lives.

But even in the real world, we and all them, are really good little guys.

Best Regards


Masanobu said...


Thanks for your kind words. Yes, good little guys sometimes play the role of Gyao or Loan Ranger.

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