Friday, March 07, 2008

Boston Bag

  This is my wife's Boston bag, which I bought at our wedding anniversary several years ago. She carries it whenever we go on business trip, so it began to look waned a bit. But actually it is still strong. I drew it on efuto in the mid February when we went to Kyoto.

- MT


bereweber said...

hola Masanobu
i am gladly impressed with your drawing, they are very personal and unique and i really like the little stories that are attached to them
the one with the Mayor behind the orange and the big boot. I found this one lovely indeed! purses and silent and firm companions, one of those accessories that become so personal, I am sure you and your wife have many stories to share over it and it seems a very lovely anniversary present.

It was a nice surprise to read more over your blog tonight. I think your work is very interesting

I am looking forward having more time to read your blog, newer and older posts...

I have read some japanese authors and I have a good friend from Nagoya in San Diego, so I understand some of your references, but oh! so much to learn

buenas noches!

Masanobu said...
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Masanobu said...


Welcome to my humble blog. I'm glad that you find it interesting.

I wonder what Japanese author you have read. Let me guess... Haruki Murakami??

bereweber said...

hola again my 100% Japanese friend heh heh, sorry it took me a little while to reply, it has been a busy week...

and yes! my friend from Nagoya is from Nagoya Japan ;) of course, but she has been living in San Diego for about 7 or 8 years now... she got me very curious about your country

and yes!! I have read Murakami, I really like him, specially his short stories... on your comment about the China earthquakes, I wanted to mention to you that I read Murakami's tales "After the Quake" and i was wondering if that earthquake he refers to is the same one you felt with your wife, I think, both earthquakes were in 2005? not sure...

oh but also i have read other Japanese authors... I really really appreciate Yukio Mishima's literature. Actually, Risa, my friend from Nagoya, introduced me to him... she gave me Spring Snow for my birthday and I was gladly moved to have read that book... one of my favorite Mishima books is "Death in Midsummer and other stories".
I have also read some Kobo Abe, I read his Kangaroo Notebook, a very surreal trip but with great “visuals”. I still have pending to read Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness by Kenzaburo Oe that she gave me too, and my final Japanese challenge, to read the copy she gave me too of The Tale of Genji… so as you can see, I have tons of Japanese-homework literature to get done ;)

Have a lovely weekend and hope that your collection of Efuto keeps on beautifully growing

Take care and receive a warm sandiegan salute :D

Masanobu said...


Ah, Mishima and Abe... they used to be my favorite authors. That was a long time ago. ;->) I am glad that we have some common background, though.

BTW, you don't read Japaense, do you?

- MT

bereweber said...

hola again dear masanobu

no! i cannot read Japanese :( sadly! hey! but maybe one day... you said your favorite authors were Mishima and Abe, long time ago... i wonder, who are your favorite authors now? I cannot wait to be able to read "Runaway Horses" the second novel from The Sea of Fertility... i have just read Spring Snow, a novel that i really like but i would like to read the whole 4 books, have you read them all?

Masanobu said...


My current favorite authors...?
Well, I don't think of any.... Sorry, I don't usually read novels. Nowadays, I read journals and non-fictions. I tried to read Roald Dahl, but unsuccessfully.

Oh, I loved Spring Snow! It was so romantic. I read all the four but loved the first one the most. So, I suppose I was a romantist.
Are you? (I even wept at the end of the novel.)

berenice said...

hola again!
oh i didn't see your comment before, i am glad i double checked, i sometimes get lost on the comments on my gmail

and yes i understand you with the fiction Masanobu, sometimes it gets 'old' as Americans say, i like non-fiction books and i try to keep up-to-day reading Design magazines too and other books but... i still read novels, i want to think they are the 'good' kind of fiction, just because for me they are a form of escape from reality and i do love good sentences and literature, but funny, i read mostly 'classics' like old Mishima books for example, but i don't read as many "now-a-day" or treny authors either...

and yes! i am a romantic indeed too! i guess that's why i really liked Spring Snow... i think i cried too, not just at the end, but in many passages of the book... it is a wonderful book!, i got so attached to specially Kiyoaki's personality that i have named my only pet, a betta fish, well, Kiyo, in honors of Kiyoaki's character on the book, here an old post from my blog to corroborate it

so yes, a romantic here, too!

take care Masanobu! have a lovely weekend on your side of the world :)