Saturday, May 08, 2010

Red Turnip

My wife bought red turnips, the shape and color of which made me draw this.


Emy said...

Dear Rev. Masanobu,

Long time since the last time I visited your blog.
I´m not a huge fan of beet, not at all actually... but I´ve got to admit that it has such a beatiful color...kind of red/pink.
I´ve noticed you stop drawing by hand.

Masanobu said...

Hi, how're the things going?

But I don't stop drawing by hand.
I've just added iPod to my media of picture making. Hope you have fun.

berenice said...

wow Masanobu i love this drawing, as Emy said the colors are fantastic, and unlike Emy i do like beets :) i think they are good for you too!

Emy try the beets shredded on a salad, you might like them that way!