Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Tree at the park

This is the very first picture I drew on the iPod touch I bought just a few days ago. 


berenice said...

hi dear masanobu, what a modernist looking tree! that is very cool that you are drawing with the iPod touch, it gives your drawings a very different style... how do you draw on it? using a magnetic pencil? i am glad that you are sharing so many of your new iPod drawings and also some newer efuto, i really like your art, thank you for sharing!

Masanobu said...

Oh, hi dear.
Thanx for the compliment.
The software is called "Sketchbook mobile" by Autodesk. I've got it from iTunes store. You don't need anything other than iPod touch or iPhone. You just scratch the surface of the pod with your finger and draw lines. Do you have iPhone?