Monday, December 07, 2009

A Figure in the Tree

Gajumaru trees in Okinawa stimulate my imagination.


berenice said...

lovely and a bit scary drawing
oh dear Masanobu, i checked your blog but didn't see all these new amazing efuto before, you've been very prolific, i love your art! glad you find time to keep on drawing

Masanobu said...

Good to see you here, too. And thank you for your compliment. It encourages me to continue. Did you decide to keep the cats in your house? - MT

berenice said...

i am glad you feel encouraged, your drawings are great!

oh Masanobu, funny you asked and yes!! they won, i am so weak, now they both sleep in the house now, i even bought them a piece of furniture, they are happy but sometimes i feel they do take advantage of me heh heh