Monday, September 28, 2009

Niwaka Cookie


alexandra said...

Why are they sad?

Masanobu said...


Well, I don't necessarily think this face represents sadness. But if think, my drawing may not be good enough. I meant it to be comical.

berenice said...

hi dear Masanobu!
i like these cookies with faces, but if my cookies had faces, i wouldn't dare eating them!

sorry it took so long to write, but been meaning to wish you and your family a wonderful 2010, as they say, better late than never huh?

hope you are enjoying of good health and smiling wide :)

Masanobu said...

Thanks for the greetings!
We are getting into the second month of 2010 already! Yes, we are doing OK and feeling progress in a few fields. Hope you're making progress, too.