Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Junko Taniguchi in Sao Paulo

This is a sneak preview of Junko Taniguchi's lecture delivered on August 8, 2009, at TransAmerica Expo Centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Emy Murakami said...

Rev Masanobu,

I suppose you´re now in NYC aren´t you? One I heard that you graduated in Columbia Univ., so right now you must be enjoying these few days in NYC full of great memories. BTW, which major did you study?
The big apple must be a very interesting city, despite of all the stress, I would like to visit one day!

After the conference for world peace in São Paulo, I had the oportunity to meet you in person at the dinner, but for some reason I couldn´t say anything, not even a word, I felt like I was blocked! which was quite funny! A ha ha

I hope you have enjoyed these 2 weeks in Brazil! You´re always welcome!


Masanobu said...


I'm now in JFK International Airport, waiting for our plane to arrive. I stayed in NYC for two days and enjoyed freedom without any bodyguards.
I majored international relations at Columbia with the regional concentration in East Asian affairs. Yes, I enjoyed our stay in Brazil. Thank you for your participation in our movement.

Cezar Gomes said...

Good evening professor. Awe!
My English is not there these things use the online google translator to help me.

My name is Cezar Augusto Francisco Gomes, and had the honor to be able to do my reporting experience for all children of God in the National Convention on August 08.
I took the liberty to access the blog from you and express my admiration and respect.

I never imagined that one day would be the front of a very wonderful teaching that transforms people, that illuminates the path of so many men in search of happiness.
It is with a heart full of emotion that I repeat once again that when it is necessary to be available to carry everywhere the wonderful experience I have every day practicing this religion.
If I could overcome all obstacles, all people are capable.

Thanks for the honor!
A big hug.

Cezar Augusto Francisco Gomes

Osasco, São Paulo - Brazil

Masanobu said...


Thank you for your "mouthful" of praise! I will do my best.