Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Moon-Night

A quiet moon-night with my friend.
- MT


berenice said...

this one is very lovely
i like the smiling moon
you share warm nice feeling with your computer paintings Masanobu
great work!

Masanobu said...


Thanks for your encouragement. One of your cats is on board the boat.

BTW, Haruki Murakami has published new book, you know. Did you read it? They say it's a million-seller.
- MT

berenice said...

hi Masanobu

how cool is that! yeah the cat might be my Frau Kitty, since she's black & small, just like in the picture

and NO, i haven't gotten to the new Murakami book, but I am actually reading one of his books now: Kafka on the Shore, my friend Lisa told me the name in Japanese, Umibe no Kafuka, this book is very interesting, also with some cats who talk heh heh, he's a strange author but I do like his kind of literature

do you like his books too?

have a good weekend mister Masanobu, hope you paint more lovely stuff :D

Masanobu said...


Well, actually I'm not Murakami enthusiast, although I read a few books by him including the one in which a sheep-man appears and talk. It's fun. He has admirable imagination.

Umibeno Kafka is a long novel, which I have not had a chance to engage myself in reading. I need time to sit and read.
- MT

Blog do Chefe's said...

Yeah Teacher Masanobu Taniguchi, your moon-night is very beautiful!!!!

If for the Teacher Masanobu, the Moon-night on the draw of your creation, your life is only Light of God!

Thank you, Very Much! :)

Masanobu said...

Blog do Chefe's,

Thanks for the kind word. Your life will be filled with God's blessings, too.

Emy said...

We are looking forward to meet you Rev. Masanobu!
Have a nice flight!


Masanobu said...

Thanks for the welcoming message. I'm now in a waiting room at Narita Int'l Airport. I will see you soon.
- MT

berenice said...

have a good time in your travels, dear Masanobu!

Masanobu said...

I'm in Sao Paulo. Thankx for your kind words. I took some photos and uploaded onto Twitter. You should come to Brazil. There is a sizable German population in the South. Good food and happy people.
- MT

berenice said...

hi dear masanobu, i am here at work so i cannot access twitter, but i'll surely check your photos from Sao Paolo tonight from home. I am glad you were able to return to Sao Paolo! I have a couple of friends here in the US from Brazil and they are amazing nice warm people. I am sure you'll have a lovely pleasant visit since good things happen to good people, Enjoy Masanobu! :D

Kleber said...

Greetings, Dear Mr. Masanobu.
I live in Brazil, Sao Paulo, near to SNI Brazil Headquarters. This is my first time visiting your blog! Do you paint, too? It's great! Amazing way to express uncountable words in a little bit space. I'm 28. ...would like to know how easy could be the "great Taniguchi's (Masaharu) holy task" if the Internet was been created in 1930... :). Hugs! see you here, soon!

Mitie said...

I really liked this one, Sensei.
It makes me want to go travelling in a cruise. Maybe on my next vacations! :)

BTW, I really liked the Int. Course for World Peace in São Paulo. Hope to have the chance to meet you in person in a while at the dinner party. Thanks for everything! I've learnt a lot!

Gugu said...

Rev. Masanobu,

It was greatful to see you in the 'young conference' (yesterday) in Brazil.

I don't know if you will remember this, but I the one who was the last to compliment you when you were already inside the car ready do leave the place. I got very happy when you lowed down the car's window. I am the one who was right there when you did it! And it was an honor to shake you hand!

I liked a lot your blog. I never knew about it. But now I do, I'll always try to pass by and talk.


And thank you very much by you presence (as well you Rev. Wife, Junko) in our country. We love both of you.


Gugu said...

This picture... you used it as an example to explain the Vertical and Horizontal Truth! That was great! =)


Masanobu said...

I may have seen you at the Headquarters. Thank you for your kind words.

I'm glad that you like the Special Conference in Sao Paulo.
Hope more people can attend next time we have such a meeting.

Ah ha... This picture IS really telling that. I haven't noticed it, but my subconscious may have make me draw the image I used at the National Convention.

- MT

Gugu said...


Still about the Vertical and Horizontal Truth, this division/separation os the Truth in "vertical" and "horizontal" is only didatic, isn't it? I've heard that the wises and the scriptures say that this division of the truth in "vertical" and horizontal" doesn't exist in reality... because they are one. It's like there's only ONE thing existing. And that should be God.

But we've got to "achieve" that perception, right?

I love Seicho-No-Ie.


Masanobu said...

You sound like a philosopher. Two is really one...this is how Zen Buddhism teaches. You and I are two but one in our understanding. If you marry someone, that someone is one with you but, at the same time, you are two as partners. I can go on forever....

Gugu said...

Dear Masanobu Sensei,

I was looking at your blog and I saw many things. Before you turned president of Seicho-No-Ie, you wrote many texts to this blog of yours. Now you use it with your drawings and pictures. Why did this happen?

And what do you feel when you paint all those pictures? You feel that peace, freedom, emptiness that all that artists feel when they are creating their arts?

I would risk to tell that you could make of this work of yours a kind of "spiritual way", like all others activities that were transformed by human in a way to persue the spiritual discipline (like martial arts, japanese caligraphy, etc). At least that is the though I have when I come to see your pictures. And somehow, I think I fell something special when I look at them.

All the best.


Thá. said...

Hi Sensei!
Are you ok?

I was in SNI Special Conference for World Peace,here in Brazil.
I've tried to take a picture with you and Junko Sensei but i can't. It's ok, i took one picture of you and other of Junko.

Thank you very much for the great and daring words...Tks teacher Junko too. I was deeply touched!

How our Brasília Regional Administrator said:
"God count with us. Teacher Masaharu Taniguchi, count with us. Teacher Seicho Taniguchi, count with us. Teacher Masanobu Taniguchi and Junko Taniguchi, count with US!"

It's too deeply and i repeat...Count with us.

Thank,thank you very very much!

Thá. said...

I will try to post in english on my personal blog on every post.
Hope you visit and undestand me.

Thanks Rev.

LUCIANE said...

in moon we trust !!
God save the moon !!
we need moonshine
to the moon our love
we can undestand .

LUCIANE said...

please pay attention

Masanobu said...

You asked this:
>>Now you use it with your drawings and pictures. Why did this happen? <<

Very simple reason. I no longer have enough time to write long entries in English. Sorry for that!

Gugu said...

Thank you for your atention, Sensei.

I think I can imagine how busy you really must be. And thank you for all your eforts, your kindness and your love for the world and each one of us who lives on it.

I wish you all the best.



Sonia said...

Dear teacher Masanobu Taniguchi.this is the first time visiting your blog. I like so much of the "moon-night", is veri beuatiful , very lovely.I like too of his books and more f yours words in the CONFERENCE in São Paulo - Brasil -Space Funchal -2009 ( is the 3a time) I am Seicho-No-Ie of REGIONAL RJ-NITERÓI from Rio de Janeiro.
I see too the "book foto" of teacher Seicho Taniguchi and i love very,very...
Have a Good New Year ,with teacherJunko and all family.
Sorry my english , itś no good.
Reverences ,
Sonia Metelo

Anonymous said...

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