Saturday, May 23, 2009


I've waited for a while to eat this bread. Having drawn it, I now can eat. Itadakimassu!
- MT


Marcus Vinicius said...

Beautiful draws... Have you done all of them...?.... What means GAR in your draws..

I´m a biologist and, I´m studing now because tomorrow I´ll teach some things about sea urchins anatomy, in my master class... and I´m realy impressed with this oportunity..... because I´ve found how beautiful and perfect this organism are!!!.. tanks great life of the universe.. for the oportunity to be a biologist..

can you draw a sea urchin??..

Marcus Vinicius Máximo (Itajai City.. BRASIL)

Masanobu said...

Thanks for your kind words.
Yes, I drew them all. Recent ones are made entirely on my PC and...on the Internet.

There is a site in Japan where you can draw pictures on-line. I use the signiture "Gar" there.
Do you eat sea urchins?
- MT

LUCIANE said...

I m sorry , realy.
has several ways to cut an apple,isnt?

LUCIANE said...

we cant yet ... sommethig wrong