Monday, April 27, 2009

Time Flies

Today I felt that time really flies as I was involved in preparing for the upcoming event.


Rodrigo said...

Hi Rev Masanobu!

Good night for you! In Brasil it´s morning yet.

So, you are comming from Brasil! The adepts here are happy with this! It's a pity you can't visit our federal capital, Brasília. But we understand your hurry here!

Big hugs for you teacher, and a great day for you!

Rodrigo Bacelar - Brasília DF -

Masanobu said...

Thanks for your kind words. I once visited Brasilia a long time ago. It was like a new, vacant city. I'm sure it has become much more populated.

Emy said...

Hi Rev. Masanobu!

Once I heard that when you have this feeling "time flies" means that you had great experiences and did many things.

Right now l've got only 2 months left to finally graduate in University...and now I really feel that "Time Flies"!

Have a nice Week!


Masanobu said...

Congratulations on your prospective graduation! When I was about your age, I felt that time continues forever for me. But now it really is that time flys everyday. It does not necessarily mean you're doing good job. It can mean that you're wasting your valuable time on this earth.
Hope I could be back in your age.
from an old man...