Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is Food Better Than Flowers?

A Japanese saying goes that dumplings are better than flowers. It seems to mean that beauty comes after necessity. Well, I would say that this is sometimes true but not true in other times. There are many Japanese sweets that are made to resemble flowers and other natural lives. In such cases beauty comes before necessity.

These dumplings that I bought in Matsuyama City, Ehime prefecture, are good enough to just watch. - MT


Emy M. said...

One day I was watching NHK, and there was a tv program about the tradition of japanese sweeties. For those who make these beatiful tiny sweeties is like an art. It was interesting to see their dedication to make everything looks perfect with all the details...I hope this tradition never end.

Masanobu said...


Do you watch NHK quite often? I used to watch the morning drama "Dan Dan" but stop doing so because it became too unnatural to me. As for the Japanese "perfectionism," I'm sure it will not go away.

Rollypop said...

I read once that Japanese food (specifically bento) is meant to be a "feast for the eyes as well as the stomach". I'd be curious to hear what you think of this.

Masanobu said...


I agree with the description. Not only for bento, but also for kaiseki and sweets, food has been meant to please both the mouth and the eyes. The down side of this perfectionism is that food tends to be more expensive. (hahaha..)