Monday, February 09, 2009

Turtle-Shaped Manju

This is our souvenir from Shizuoka City. A turtle is regarded in East Asia as carrying a good luck because it lives a long life. I am not very concerned with my age but bought it because of its unique shape and the color. It is a bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste.
- MT


berenice said...

oh those buns look really good, apart from pretty :)
i have tasted here in San Diego, some japanese sweets with red-bean paste, i have tried different sorts and i usually like them all heh heh, in buns, or other ones in a stretchy sort of jello with sweet rice, etc.
oh Masanobu, i think that if one day you'd try Mexican candies, you'd like them a lot, some of the tastes of Asia are similar to the tastes of Latin America, you know?

glad you enjoyed the lovely sweets of longevity, regardless of how long one lives, is good to enjoy sweet nice moments, hope you took them with some nice cup of tea

warm salutes!

Masanobu said...


Never have tasted Mexican candies. I wonder what their taste would be like... There is one Mexican restaurant nearby my office. I used to go there with my wife but stop going there recently mainly because the food has become too heavy for us. But I tell you, I loved Mexican food when I was younger.

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