Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boxed Dinner

On the train trip back from Nagaoka City, Niigata prefecture, I had this boxed dinner. The box was made from the skins of bamboo shoots, a material not commonly used for this type of boxes. It reminded me of the bamboo shoots I took out this Spring in my garden. The skins might actually be imported from China, but the association and the soft touch of the box made me choose this out of several kinds. The hope was that the appearance would not betray the content.


berenice said...

oh very interesting!
here in San Diego, there is a japanese store, Mitsuwa, that has a train-station lunch box festival, once a year, they put together lunch boxes with typical food from different train stations in Japan, it was a couple of years ago when i saw them and i don't really remember the contents of my box, i will try to catch up the next festival and that way i can ask you, if the food served here in San Diego at a Japanese store is 'authentic' Japanese food, and also if the boxes are as pretty as this one!

i really like the concept of your blog :)

Masanobu said...


I didn't know that you have such a festival on Japanese food at all.
Have you tried any one of them?