Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Puppet Play

A friend of mine in the United States requested that I make an English version of the puppet play I had shown on my Japanese blog. Here it is. It is entitled "The Invasion of the Robodog." I came up with this story during this New Year's vacation, after spending happy hours with my kids. So, it's not a serious play. But let me add that I was thinking of recent American foreign policy while making it. Please enjoy!

- MT


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rev Masanobu,
I thought your story-telling was very adorable, and yet profound. Will there be a sequel? What will happen to the lamb, his friends, and the robotdog? I'm looking forward to the sequel if there is one.... Thank you very much!

Masanobu said...


Sorry to be late in replying.

You want a sequel? Gee... I wish I have more time to shoot. I may be creating another story. But please don't expect an early exhibition.

- MT