Monday, November 26, 2007

Fall Festival Address (4)

One more thing I would like to talk about is the way in which we will be conducting our Movement in the future. As I mentioned earlier, our movement must be one that “grows with nature.” In other words, there is a need to: 1. Minimize greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, and 2. Disseminate the teaching that man is a child of God on a large scale, deepening the sense of oneness between man and nature. In order to do this, we must try to avoid air and auto long-distance travel, assembling large numbers of people in a large venue, and wasting energy and resources. It becomes important to put our energy into seeking the Truth and propagating activities that we practice here in our daily lives. That is, we must make the small group gatherings of Readers’ Meetings, etc. that are at the frontline of our movement important bases of propagation. It is from that perspective that we have included an item in the Movement Policy for this year that describes “a high quality organizational movement.”

It is difficult for us to tell from Tokyo or the Main Temple what is happening in the other areas. We therefore need the ideas of those in the frontline who are familiar with what is happening locally. Our movement must also be an effective one that reflects and contributes to the needs of the area. It cannot be one set form, but must be diverse. On the other hand, we must not forget the core of the Seicho-No-Ie faith. We have been taught that Seicho-No-Ie refers to the “Grand Universe,” so while it must be diverse, at the same time our goal is a bright and cheerful movement that embodies God’s will. The development and expansion of the sundial way of life is the development and expansion of the will of God. So it is my hope that you will understand that our “Zero Carbon” movement is a variation of the spirit of the sundial way of life and is a creative, original movement closely related to your local communities, and that you will go forward to display your self-reliance brightly and cheerfully and unfold our movement.

If you look at nature, which is a reflection of the True-Image World, you will find that it is filled with an infinite number of ideas. Let us praise them, implement them in our lives and in our movement, and develop and expand our activities based on the divine will of God. This concludes my talk on this anniversary day that is overflowing with the blessings of nature. Thank you very much for listening.

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