Friday, September 01, 2006

Tree-Lined Road

We love to plant trees along the roads. This is not done necessarily to suggest a destination for pedestrians nor to provide an opportunity for unexpected encounters. I look at it as a way to enjoy distractions. Life can be described in terms of destinations or a series of choices, but it also has plenty of distractions. The gingko leaves are beginning to turn the vibrant yellow of the fall. By this time, the female trees are full of fragrant fruit and sprinkle them on the road. Some people hate the smell and avoid going near the fruit, but other don't hesitate to pick them up from off the road to serve for dinner. In this sense, life consists of many distractions, and we love them.

- MT


Orly Pedrozo said...

Dear Master Masanobu Taniguchi,
It´s a big pleasure and surprise the possibility of write to a so close relative o the Master Masaharu Taniguchi.
I´m a Brasilian Phisician, engaged a long time in Seicho No Ie moviment, and always trying to impove my knoledge about it. Usually I use and teach how we can use all the Truth of Life, dealing with the ilusion of sickness with doctor and related personal that works in health care.
I´m in tough with Murahara, Osvaldo Sensei in Sao Paulo giving all diretions.
I´d be proud to receive some ligth´s words from you, master.
I have been post graduating in Medicine in Tokyo at National Cancer Center, many years ago.
Thank you so much, if you read my message.
Domo arigato gosaimashta.
Dr. Orly Pedrozo - e-mail:

Emerson Werneck said...

Mr. Taniguchi,
I commend you on what you have achieved so far for the Movement for International Peace by Faith.

This picture with the hundreds of trees reminded me of the thousands of languages that are dying on the road to the future, because only a few national languages are being taught in schools.

I would like you to comment, if possible, on the issue of the possible adoption of an international auxiliary language such as Esperanto by every nation, as a means of maintaining their own language and culture.

If such a planned language were adopted as a second language to every nation, we would have one less reason for war in the world, for many of the miscomprehensions of today are born out of language differences and cultural misunderstandings.

I believe that language ecology is also an important issue in the world today.

Thank you very much!